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May 18th 7-8:30pm – Stop 3 putting!!
In this clinic, we’ll work on avoiding the score killing 3 putts. Focus will be on how to better control your speed
and drills for making the short ones.

May 25th 7-8:30pm – Night at the Beach
In this clinic, you will learn the skills necessary to get you out of the sand and get a putter in your hands for the next
shot. Focus will be on the technical aspects to make playing out of the sand feel like a day at the beach.

June 1st 7-8:30pm – The Scoring Zone
In this clinic, you will learn how to hit it closer when you’re in the scoring zone 30-100 yards. Improving your play in
this area is the fastest way to improve your scores. We’ll discuss why it’s so important and keys to hitting better shots
in this zone.

June 8th 7-8:30 – Around the greens
In this clinic, you will learn to hit the ball closer to the hole from off the green. The focus in this clinic will be on developing your short game skills and turn 3 (or 4) shots into 2. We will look at technical aspects of hitting pitch shots, and also discuss reading your lie and how the ball is likely to react from different lies around the green.

June 15th – Green Reading
In this clinic, you will learn to read the greens like a pro. The focus in this clinic will be to develop your green reading skills by focusing on what’s actually important when reading greens.